About Jan Deterts  "the values of experiences" – it all depends on knowledge, an article I read  recently in an entrepreneur magazine of Lower Saxonia. Encouraged by  clients, family members and close friends I have decided to be active and to  continue my consultancy services with JD I Ingenieurbüro. My activities are on site or in office. The office is located in Bremen but my  engagement is world-wide. I have the expertise and the experience you  expect from an interested, engaged, well assessed and outstanding  graduated engineer for electrical engineering, having a sound professional  experience as commercial and technical manager with independent  entrepreneur practice at home and abroad.  Hence I am familiar with the: monitoring, negotiations & solution management with authorities, architects and builders technical, commercial and scheduling of time target orders, generation of production orders in compliance with the legal specifications according to the rules of VDE or IEC costs and time processing of claims and solution finding with the client conducting services in the fields of commercial and personnel management
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About Jan Deterts