Offshore wind farms The utilization of offshore wind energy is mainly located in German waters outside the 12-Nautical-mile zone, in an exclusive economic zone (AWZ). This is a major part of the planned and under construction wind farm projects in the offshore waters of the German North and Baltic Sea. End of September 2013 where in Germany approx. 520 megawatt (MW) offshore wind power feeding into the grid. By 2030 the network should consist of a capacity of 25,000 MW according to the plans of the Federal Government. Currently, offshore located wind farms (OWF) with a total capacity of about 2,100 MW are under construction, wind farms with a capacity of approx. 8,000 MW were granted a building permit. For jobs assignment in offshore wind farms only for persons permitted, who are trained in special Offshore Safety and Survival Seminars that have been certified by an authorized commission. Since the 19th September 2013 I am in the possession of these certificates and in a periodical assignment for an offshore wind farm builder / owner.